About Us

Meet our Artist, Mher

Mher Harutyunyan Was born in July 24th, 1962 in Yerevan, Armenia into a family of artists. In 1987, after his graduation in Design from Yerevan Art Academy, he spent several years in the former Soviet Union, specializing in artistic design. Mher provided the design for several commercial entities including, coliseums, concert halls as well as many other venues and commercial structures. After relocating to the United States, specifically Boston, MA in April of 1992, his focus centered on oil paintings and pastels applied to canvas. Inspired by an upbringing of cultivated art, his work has appeared in several exhibitions, including a private showings in Montpelier, VT. While in Boston, one of Mher's paintings exhibited in the AIM museum.


Later, Mher relocated to New York, NY in the summer of 1996. Comprised of new beginnings, the journey that had arose, invoked his passion to paint New York City's skylines and spheres. The never ending motion captured in free lucid styles of modern expressions. After a few years in New York, Mher decided then, to relocate once again to Ohio in the spring of 2001. Mher has now successfully created over 300 hand drawn celebrity portraits, as well as many original and unique oil paintings, pastel pieces and mixed media pieces of art. Mher and his brother Arman, currently own beautiful, art filled gallery's in two different locations. Those gallery's are located in Beavercreek, Ohio and Dayton, Ohio.


Inlight Studios offers many products and services:

  • Art Restoration
  • Picture Restoration
  • Custom Portraits
  • Family Portraits
  • Picture Enlargement
  • Pictures Drawn onto Canvas
  • Pictures Oil Painted onto Canvas
  • Free Hand Drawing and Sketching
  • Character Drawing
  • Celebrity Portraits and Drawings
  • Custom Printing
  • Custom Built Art Frames
  • Custom Built Picture Frames
  • Original Art
  • Photo Collages
  • Custom Collages
  • Printing on Canvas